Jibro” Jungah Lee is a Character Concept Artist from Korea. She is currently visiting Vancouver to study English while doing freelance work for Applibot and developing her personal project, “2510″. Jungah has worked in the Video Games industry for over five years and has a background in Fashion Design. She is known for creating compelling and stylish character designs for video games, including a major Asian MMORPG. More of Jungah’s work can be seen on her blog.

Andrew Domachowski is a Senior Concept Artist at Microsoft Game Studios, Black Tusk. Andrew has worked in the Video Games and Visual Effects industries for over eight years and has helped to develop major Intellectual Properties including Disney’s TRON, as well as several Television and Films including Sanctuary, Vipers, Masters of Science Fiction, Tin Man, Son of the Dragon, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and many more. Andrew’s most recent work is available for viewing on his blog.

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